KESSIL H380 LED Grow Light

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Für uns eine der Besten Refugium Lampen überhaupt, auch wir hatten hin und wieder Probleme... mehr
Produktinformationen "KESSIL H380 LED Grow Light"
Für uns eine der Besten Refugium Lampen überhaupt, auch wir hatten hin und wieder Probleme mit dem Wachstum der Drahtalgen Seid der Installation der Kessil H380 Wuchen sie förmlich
More Power

With more extreme spectrums comes even more power. The Spectral Halo II is nearly 30% more powerful than previous lights. Grow to your full potential with our most powerful light yet. For a full comparison, see our H350 vs H380 charts.

Intensity and Penetration

Dense Matrix LED™ technology produces a concentrated single point light source with enough power to penetrate past the canopy and deliver light to the entire plant. Every wavelength within the spectrum is mixed perfectly to ensure even growth throughout.



Dimensions 4.5" x 4" (Length x Diameter)
Coverage 24" surface diameter by 3' penetration (on average)
Power Supply 100-240V AC (input)
19 VDC,4.74A (output)
Power Consumption 90 W MAX

The Extreme Purple spectrum is ideal for grow phase. Plants utilize the proprietary blend to develop thick and lushgrowth for fuller, healthier plants.

Extreme Magenta targets the bloom stage, driving plants to increase quality and quantity of yield.

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